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My young adult fantasy everything you know comes out tomorrow from Boroughs Publishing Group. I am beyond excited.

everything you know

The orange sun burst between two buildings, blinding Joe for a second. He shaded his eyes and looked around. The detainee tower was straight ahead, just to the right of the setting sun. If he stayed reasonably clear of it he’d be able to avoid the Masevo, he hoped, and if he kept it in his sightline he wouldn’t get lost. Emma was somewhere in the city. He was sure of it. And he was sure the vision in the water meant he had to reunite her with her family, wherever they were. He just had to find the tunnel and Emma before the Masevo.

Joe’s clothes and shoes had dried in the wind and his jeans had shrunk until they were uncomfortably tight. The air was getting cooler as the sun sank lower. He wished he had a jacket.

The outskirts of the city were dotted with small houses fronted by little walled gardens. The architecture was a strangely appealing mix of modern and medieval, as if Frank Gehry had designed house-sized castles made of steel and stone. A few gardens had flowering vines that climbed over white walls. Joe heard laughing. He saw a few winged kids flying and playing above their yards…

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“Mystical and intriguing…everything you know has everything you’ll love—romance, magic, and characters that draw you into the story. A great new voice in the young adult genre. A truly enjoyable read.” —New York Times bestselling author C.C. Hunter

“Through astounding imagery and richly lyrical prose, Bass’s memorable romantic fantasy is, at its heart, a tribute to the unconquerable spirit of first love.”
—Laura Toffler-Corrie author of My Totally Awkward Supernatural Crush

everything you know transcends worlds and challenges the imagination
with a desperate tale of love and survival.”
—Kassy Tayler, award-winning author of Ashes Of Twilight

Available from Boroughs Publishing Group