Medieval Bex


We continue our medieval tour of London by turning our feet south and heading back towards the river (and the Tower) using the street that today is called the Minories.

The Minories is a strange street name. As a child I assumed that it was something to do with Royal Mint Street which is very close by. But as it turns out, the two things are unrelated except for their shared location. If you walk down the Minories today from Aldgate, you’ll discover that it’s a fairly soulless concrete conglomeration of offices, bars and lunchtime eateries for the 9-5 workers, and that very little of medieval London remains to be seen apart from the rough positioning of the road along the old city wall.

Owing to its position on the edge of the financial district the Minories is mostly deserted at weekends, and is altogether a fairly unremarkable street. But…

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