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I almost don’t want to write about Elizabeth Hoyt’s sublime LORD OF DARKNESS because then I’ll have to accept that I really have finished it, and I’ll never be able to enter the world of Megs and Godric for the first time again.

Every time I read a new book in Elizabeth Hoyt’s splendid, spirited Maiden Lane series I think this, this, is the best book in the series, this is the one, she can’t top this and that’s okay because this book is so good.  All Elizabeth Hoyt historical romances have cool historic details, gripping storylines, great clothes, and awesome, character-driven love scenes.  And heroes and heroines who are unique, flawed, honorable, and believably human even inside the heightened reality of romance fiction.

For me (and I finished reading LORD OF DARKNESS slowly and reluctantly in a romantic inn during a snowstorm, drinking brandy with my husband in front of a roaring fireplace) all of these elements were perfect in LORD OF DARKNESS.

Elizabeth Hoyt is a master of emotionally satisfying love scenes. The turning point love scene between the heartbroken, guarded, vigilante scholar Godric St. John and his bruised- but-not-broken, fierce and vivacious near-stranger wife Margaret (Megs) Reading St. John is the sexiest, best love scene I’ve ever read.  I read it three times while I was reading the book (in front of the fireplace with my brandy) and then again a week later.  The scene reads like a poem, a rebirth and an awakening for the hero and the heroine.  

If I could I would give LORD OF DARKNESS an infinite number of stars.  Swoon!